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  1. # Infos
  2. auth-name : Ksenia
  3. need travel fee : appreciated, if possible
  4. need room : no
  5. Location : UK
  6. # Toolbox for Cybernetic Totalitarianism
  7. This would be a very short talk that I would like to become a discussion as quickly as possible.The aim is not so much mapping out and going over the things which creep us out: such as for example blockchains and linked data
  8. but to invite people to look at the dystopia scenarios, set of tools and strategies which which might come in handy for navigating cybernetic totalitarianism. It is really a continuation of several long and short conversations I had with quite a few people,
  9. at least two of them will be amongst the attendees.
  10. ## ksenia choosed this talk between the 2 she made we will see if we can put this one somewhere sometime