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I'd like to collaboratively discuss these issues, provide some examples, and maybe we can discover some solutions.
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# Mapping the Megacity - Challenges of applying a developed world software standard to a devloping world context
Speaker : Hegazy
time : talk ~15 minutes, and 15 minutes discussion.
For the past 9 months a team has been trying to map all formal and informal transportation in Cairo in a digital format. Such digital transit information is generally incoded in GTFS, the General Transit Feed System. However, applying GTFS to the Egyptian context is a challenge: How do you encode Stops where none exist? How do you define 10 different sorts of microbuses each with their own conventions, defferntiating them from public buses when only one cetagory called 'bus' exists?
Public transportation in Cairo is an organic being in constant change, and a result of many individual solutions; not unlike squating. In this talk I will share the challenges of mapping the unmappable, and raise some interesing thoughts.