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SquatConf code of conduct

All attendees, staff, speakers, volunteers and other invited guests are required to agree to and comply with the following code of conduct, without exception.


thou shall not act like an asshole.


As crazy as it sounds we still need to explain basic human behaviours to be sure everybody understand them so here they are:

We will not accept ANY form of harassment
(if you are not sure what I am talking about please read the extended version)
This is non-negotiable, if you are suspected of improper behavior we will politely inform you that you must leave.

we do NOT value freedom of speech at all costs, and we are clearly

  • antifascist
  • again all form of exclusion

We will be reacting to any form of intolerance with intolerance to such behaviour

A squat is a living place, where people sleep & eat, it is their home and they generously offer us a place to do our crazy experiments, socialize & share our knowledge. In return, we must respect the inhabitants and the boundaries that will be in place (while there are open & communal spaces, the living quarters are private and therefore usually off limits to guests).

Let this be your guide

give the amount of respect that you would expect should be given if it were your home.

Extended version

definition of a harassment

This list is not a laisser passer to do anything that is not listed here, most of it will be obvious to the people we expect to join us for SquatConf.

  • verbal comments
    • race
    • gender
    • appearance
    • sexual orientation
    • religion
    • disability

  • intimidation (physical or otherwise)
  • harassing photography or recording (do NOT joke about this one in a squat)
    • You should not encroach upon the privacy of the inhabitants, nor should you reveal the location of the event using photography or any other method of capturing and/or publishing sensitive information !

  • stalking, following, insistent flirting, any kind of deliberate intimidation, etc.
  • disrupting of talks and/or workshops
  • joking about people with silly hats

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

For the vast majority of people this is common sense and we count on you to enforce it, specifically in the case of harassment during the event, warn us or act is no one is available around you safety is something you can and must enforce yourself too.

in conclusion
Respect the opinions of the other people that you interact with, share knowledge with them, enjoy the good times and bring this spirit as you would in your own home is what we expect from you. This is what you can expect from us as well.

Final note

This document is mandatory when you create a public event, and i (gorhgorh, Jérôme) think that if it make people feel more safe to come to this event, it should be here.
But what I really want is to get rid of them, because we don't need them anymore.
We know that our friends in the various communities that we engage with are open people, and we expect theses rules to be not enforced, but embraced by our community.

I am 100% sure that this conference will attract the kind of people that do not need to read such a document to act accordingly.