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United as one, divided by zero
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auth-name : Caleb James DeLisle
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# Screw Freedom, I want Empowerment
The difference between Freedom and Empowerment is the difference between the people inside
of the bank and the homeless people out front. Cryptography is not freedom, it locks us out
of data which passes through our own computers. Bitcoin is not freedom, it makes us provide
goods and services to people we don't know and it makes our financial transactions public.
These technologies take away our individuality and our freedom but they also give us a
collective voice.
United as one, divided by zero.
CryptPad is the **zero knowledge** (the server cannot see what you type) realtime
collaborative visual editor. Developed in two days of furious hacking, it's still a prototype
but we hope it will begin the development of a toolchain for building unions, startups and
voluntary associations.