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auth-name : Julian Oates
tag : GPU, GLSL, Arm
advance costs : no
need room : yes (will bring own sleeping bag)
Location : London, UK
Can host ppl : N/A
# OpenGL goes Bananas
We will learn how to create this animation (_using only mathematics_)
* I'll be using a [Banana Pi]( single-board computer which can be purchased for about €60 [on Amazon](
* This will also work on any other device that [supports OpenGL 2.0]( which means all modern GPUs (the single exeption is Apple's iOS, although this may change with the release of iOS 8).
* I estimate this will be approx. 30 mins of presentation time.
* Presentation will be delivered in English and probably include quite a bit of swearing (although i *can* also swear in French if you prefer ;-)
<hr />
![Banana pi](