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# Infos
auth-name : marina (@marinakukso)
tag : some things
need travel fee : i have already bought my ticket to berlin, but would love to have some of that cost offset.
need room : Y (can accompany substack, or be on my own)
Location : San Diego, CA, USA
# Lessons learned from learning and teaching programming
i have been a programming apprentice for about two years. during this time, my friends and i ran a free, cooperative "anti-bootcamp" (, and participated in a lot of informal collaborative learning in our friend group. i'd like to share with you some of the patterns and anti-patterns that i've run into learning programming as an adult with peers. this will include some of the things that were most tricky for me to learn and also some of the things we discovered that seemed to worked well when teaching.
Length: I am flexible. this talk can be longer or shorter based on the time you have available. i can do 20 minutes, but can also do up to an hour or down to 5 minutes. i am also flexible with regard to the content. if you think that a related or additional issue would be more relevant to the audience than what i've included, i'm happy to discuss modifications.