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# Infos
auth-name : David Potocnik / / @dcht00
need travel fee : hope to self-org, see [](
need room : no
Location : UK
# Hackbases, infrastructure for postcapitalism
Often hailed as some ultimate constructive and radical force, hackers are subsumed by the lifestyle logic of current advanced capitalist societies. To describe a common hacker is to describe a hobbyist - hanging out at the local hackerspace and playing with personal projects after necessary paid labour. This covers their subsistence, but also probably more or less directly powers the bullshit neoliberal political reality, with its destructive effects on society and nature.
Hackbases are a new type of institution to enable work in the other direction. They are hackerspaces you can also live in, for any period of time, with minimized need for dealing with (earning, spending) money. The goal is to design and spread a tech-forward model of infrastructure and a lifestyle, supporting free, full-time avantgarde technologists and people in general, serving the commons. This talk should equip and inspire you to visit one of the existing bases (like CHT in Lanzarote, Canary Islands @, or even better, reorganize your living situation to start a new one.
need travel fee: pls // need room: hope to self-org, see ? // Location: huh?
duration: 30min + 30min (discussion)