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Cozy talk proposal
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# infos
auth-name : Frank Rousseau
tag : freedom, privacy, self-hosting, hackable, platform
advance costs : N
need room : N
Location : Paris, France
Can host ppl : 1 ppl
# Cozy, a platform to make the personal server mainstream
One of the most common recommandation to protect your privacy on the web is to
host your services on your own hardware. Unfortunately, that practice is too
complex for most people. It looks like privacy protection is not a feature that
is motivating enough to jump into the self-hosting world.
That's why Cozy is born. Cozy is a platform that allows anyone to manage his
own server as easily as a smartphone. Its architecture is original in two way:
First, it's built like a PaaS, so anyone can build its own web app for the
platform without learning a fancy SDK. Second, applications share the same
datastore that syncs easily with any device.
We believe that, by making the personal server easily manageable and by
providing advanced services that syncs well, we could solve the self-hosting
adoption problem and provide people with a better web experience.
That talk will be the opportunity to explain better why we make Cozy,
to see in details how Cozy works under the hood and to show you a short demo of
the platform and its apps.
* Website:
* Code: