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bluetooth le talk
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# infos
auth-name : Donald Ness
tag : freedom (from wires), internet-of-things, 2.4GHz, meatspace
advance costs : N
need room : N
Location : Colorado, US
Can host ppl : na
# Using Bluetooth Low Energy for Good
When you hear Bluetooth, you probably think of annoying consumer tech like awkward hands-free phone guy, wow so fitness: you-took-1,337-steps-today trackers, and stalking customers with ads in retail stores. But, I propose that Bluetooth LE can be used for good, and has many potential useful and interesting applications.
I plan to cover the basic high-level concepts of Bluetooth LE such as scanning and advertising, services, characteristics, and peripheral and central networking. I'll include code examples using the `noble`/`bleno` nodejs modules and briefly touch on firmware and hardware aspects of development.
The talk will conclude with examples of how low cost, low power bluetooth radios can be used to interface with distributed systems in meatspace and facilitate more secure cryptographic transactions.