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auth-name : naomi and gareth tag : aquaponics, open data, internet of things, node-red, raspberry pi

advance costs : N need room : Y
Location : Sheffield, UK Can host ppl : n/a


Growing an Open Source Aquaponics Network

Aquaponics means growing fish together with hydroponic vegetables in an integrated way that minimises the use of resources. We've made a system with a number of sensors and other electronics to monitor and control an aquaponics installation. It is built from open-source hardware and software components. It uses node-red for the logic so that non-programmers can control it.

The system displays a dashboard showing its current status and we've also built a REST API that opens up the data being logged to use by others. We are hoping that others will join us to create a network of aquaponics installations using open monitoring devices and publishing their data to help with much-needed research into sustainable food.

See more about our project here: