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name : Adam Ierymenko time : about 1 hour need travel fee : no (already arranged) need room : no Location : Los Angeles, California, USA

PC 2.0

This talk will be a followup to a popular blog post I made a few years ago: Decentralization: I Want to Believe.

There's a so-called "wheel of reincarnation" in computing in which things oscillate between centralized and decentralized paradigms. Today we are in the midst of what I call the "mainframe 2.0" era. Everyone else calls it "cloud." Here I am going to talk about what's next, about what I call "PC 2.0" and what I think it will look like and how we might get there.

I'm also going to discuss some of the reasons for centralization and why decentralization is hard. PC 2.0 is predicated on solutions to a wide array of challenges, as well as (like PC 1.0) on continued technological progress in areas like computing power, cost, and network bandwidth.