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auth-name : Julian Oates

tag : GPU, GLSL, Arm

advance costs : no

need room : yes (will bring own sleeping bag)

Location : London, UK

Can host ppl : N/A

OpenGL goes Bananas

We will learn how to create this animation (using only mathematics)



  • I'll be using a Banana Pi single-board computer which can be purchased for about €60 on Amazon

  • This will also work on any other device that supports OpenGL 2.0 which means all modern GPUs (the single exeption is Apple's iOS, although this may change with the release of iOS 8).

  • I estimate this will be approx. 30 mins of presentation time.

  • Presentation will be delivered in English and probably include quite a bit of swearing (although i can also swear in French if you prefer ;-)

![Banana pi](