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# catarc
A tool to output archives and compressed files to stdout.
## Use cases
* Grep through multiple archives (of different types) without unpacking them.
* Unpack multiple 7z archives to stdout, ignoring errors (7z will choke on corrupted archives).
* Concatenate multiple archived logfiles into one file.
* ...
## Installation
`pip install catarc`
## Dependencies
You'll need the following binaries, depending on what kinds of archives you wish to extract:
* tar (.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz)
* 7zip (.7z)
* gzip (.gz, .tar.gz)
* bzip2 (.bz2, .tar.bz2)
* xz (.xz, .tar.xz)
* unzip (.zip)
* unrar (.rar)
Note that .tar.* types have two dependencies!
## Usage
catarc *.7z | grep "something"`
catarc two.rar three.tar.gz | grep "something"
catarc access.*.gz >
## Arguments
Optionally, you can use the `-s` switch to specify a certain filesize requirement for a file to be processed. This specification is in the following format:
You can use any of these combinations, but obviously only one specification per operator. Valid suffixes are `k`, `m`, `g`, `t`.
## Functionality and behaviour
catarc will attempt to unpack the following types:
* .7z
* .tar
* .tar.gz
* .tar.bz2
* .tar.xz
* .gz
* .bz2
* .xz
* .zip
* .rar
When a file is encountered that is none of the above types, catarc will write a warning to stderr and skip the file. If you are missing a dependency, catarc will tell you so.
## Bugs
No known bugs. If you find any, please do report them.