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* Cryto Team is more free software. It is licensed under the WTFPL, which
* allows you to do pretty much anything with it, without having to
* ask permission. Commercial use is allowed, and no attribution is
* required. We do politely request that you share your modifications
* to benefit other developers, but you are under no enforced
* obligation to do so :)
* Please read the accompanying LICENSE document for the full WTFPL
* licensing text.
if(!isset($_APP)) { die("Unauthorized."); }
$uSlug = $router->uParameters[1];
$sProject = Project::CreateFromQuery("SELECT * FROM projects WHERE `Slug` = :Slug", array(":Slug" => $uSlug), 0, true);
NewTemplater::SetGlobalVariable("project-name", $sProject->sName);
NewTemplater::SetGlobalVariable("project-url", "/project/{$sProject->sSlug}");
$sRouterAuthenticated = true;
catch (NotFoundException $e)
throw new RouterException("Project does not exist");