Patches to disable the DRM and default-on analytics in the Memex browser extension
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Sven Slootweg 965bdc6638 Initial commit 3 years ago Initial commit 3 years ago
no-analytics.patch Initial commit 3 years ago
no-drm.patch Initial commit 3 years ago

Memex anti-antifeatures

These are some patches that remove anti-features from the WorldBrain Memex browser extension.

  • no-analytics.patch: Disables analytics/tracking by default.
  • no-drm.patch: Disables DRM / "Upgrade to Pro" paywall by default.

Note that these are just patches to remove antifeatures for offline usage; they won't magically get you any kind of hosted service. But there's really no valid reason for local backups to be put behind a "wouldn't want something to happen to your data, would you now?"-type paywall.