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Sven Slootweg 3 years ago
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# morph-rc
This is the [morph]( configuration for the various [Cryto Coding Collective]( services. It'll grow steadily as services are migrated away from NixOps and/or older Debian-based setups. There are probably various FIXMEs throughout the configuration; feel free to submit PRs if you know how to fix them.
Everything in this repository, __except for the `configuration/sources` folder__, is dual-licensed under the [WTFPL]( and [CC0](, at your preference. Attribution is therefore appreciated, but not required.


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# Application sources
The files contained in this folder are the source folders for assorted applications that I'm running. They're in here rather than in a separate Git repository because eg. the deployed version differed in some ways from the version published in its public Git repository, or because the source was never publicly released in the first place.
Crucially, these sources are __not__ covered by the same license as the rest of the repository. Some of the sources may have their own license, some of them may have no license at all - this is mostly older and unmaintained work, from before I started publishing all my work as open-source.
If no license is supplied in a particular source folder, you should assume that it is __not__ permitted to redistribute and/or modify that (version of the) application. I'll probably sort out the licensing issues for these applications at some point in the future, but most of the code is long obsolete anyway.
All of this does not affect any separate repositories for the applications in question that might exist; you can continue using those under the license specified there.