19 Commits (master)

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  Sven Slootweg dc21fc286c Increase backup quota for f0x to 400G 2 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 19c83e8235 Remove obsolete stuff from system configuration 3 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 8a9dfbf9b6 Merge branch 'master' of git.cryto.net:joepie91/morph-rc 3 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 1096e8dc79 Disable PHP, upgrade to NixOS 20.03 3 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 9470273c1f Add temporary site for Validatem 3 months ago
  Sven Slootweg c204dceb7a Add backup target for Haless 3 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 4337e920ff Merge branch 'master' of git.cryto.net:joepie91/morph-rc 8 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 673ea37545 Set up tinc VPN 8 months ago
  Sven Slootweg b23b4e9ea9 Set up matrix-rooms.cryto.net 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg a2f7bbbb41 Set up placeholder site for Modular Matrix 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 00dc1a3366 Set up a Tinc VPN 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 2f7621e852 Set up machine-borg2-01.cryto.net 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 16be86c472 Now with more TLS! 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 2212c6446b Remove unnecessary default.nix suffix 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg ec6d1a95dc Set up mobile-proxy 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg b906daea40 Fix Haless hostname 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg e242e1a509 Set up old PHP applications on Haless 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 713c45d897 Add old shadow-generator and knex-mirror folders to haless-03 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg c574356ec5 Add some presets and configuration for haless-03 1 year ago