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# gulp-preset-jade
Just a Jade preset for Gulp.
## License
[WTFPL]( or [CC0](, whichever you prefer. A donation and/or attribution are appreciated, but not required.
## Donate
My income consists largely of donations for my projects. If this module is useful to you, consider [making a donation](!
You can donate using Bitcoin, PayPal, Flattr, cash-in-mail, SEPA transfers, and pretty much anything else.
## Contributing
Pull requests welcome. Please make sure your modifications are in line with the overall code style, and ensure that you're editing the files in `src/`, not those in `lib/`.
Build tool of choice is `gulp`; simply run `gulp` while developing, and it will watch for changes.
Be aware that by making a pull request, you agree to release your modifications under the licenses stated above.