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extends root
mixin metaProp(name, content)
meta(itemprop=name, content=content)
mixin twitterProp(name, content)
meta(name="twitter:#{name}", content=content)
mixin facebookProp(name, content)
meta(name="og:#{name}", content=content)
block docContents
html(itemscope, itemtype="")
title View #{document.OriginalFilename} - PDFy - Instant PDF Host
meta(name="viewport", content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no")
+metaProp("name", document.OriginalFilename)
+metaProp("image", "" + document.SlugId)
+twitterProp("card", "summary")
+twitterProp("title", document.OriginalFilename)
+twitterProp("description", "Read and download " + document.OriginalFilename + " for free!")
+twitterProp("image:src", "" + document.SlugId)
+facebookProp("type", "website")
+facebookProp("title", document.OriginalFilename)
+facebookProp("url", "" + document.SlugId)
+facebookProp("site_name", "PDFy")
+facebookProp("image", "" + document.SlugId)
if !document.Public
// Keep Google and friends from indexing this document (hopefully), if they've somehow run across it...
meta(name="robots", content="noindex")
block extra-head
body(class=conditionalClasses(["full-screen"], {"announcement-visible": announcementVisible}))
block content