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### tracer#trace()
Whether you are using the CLI or the API, as long as you pass the `trace` option, the generated parser can trace it's progress by calling `tracer.trace( event )`, which can then be overwritten by passing an alternative tracer in the options to the generated parser.
You can also optionally disable the default tracer by passing `features: { DefaultTracer: false }` to `peg.generate` or `peg.compiler.compile`, in which case a empry function will be called by default unless a tracer is passed to the parser.
The `event` passed to the `trace` method contains the following properties:
property | description
--- | ---
type | name of the event
rule | rule that this event was emitted from
result | the result of the match
location | location in the grammar when the event was emitted
The `type` property will only be 1 of 3 values:
1. `rule.enter` when entering a rule
2. `rule.match` when matching a rule was successful
3. `` when matching a rule failed