Code style: Do not lint lib/parser.js

The idea behind linting lib/parser.js was that it would improve quality
of code generated by PEG.js in general. However, there is a couple of
problems with it:

  1. Code in lib/parser.js is ES5 while the rest of the code is ES2015.
     This would mean a separate ESLint configuration and a separate set
     of code style rules just for lib/parser.js once code style checks
     are added.

  2. Code in lib/parser.js is generated. This means that even today it
     violates checks like "no-unused-var", which have to be disabled.
     This would get worse once code style checks are added, again
     requiring a separate ESLint configuration just for lib/parser.js.

  3. Linting lib/parser.js checks only small portion of possible code
     generator output. For example, code generated when optimizing for
     size or when tracing is not checked at all. Thus, linting
     lib/parser.js gives a false sense of security.

Because of these problems I decided not to lint lib/parser.js at all and
rely on ad-hoc linting of parser files produced by PEG.js with ignoring
false-positives. I consider this more of a pragmatic cost vs. benefits
decision than a principial one.

Part of #407.
David Majda 8 years ago
parent f82d9872ba
commit 5dd8e797f7

@ -17,9 +17,8 @@ NODE_MODULES_BIN_DIR = $(NODE_MODULES_DIR)/.bin
MAIN_FILE = $(LIB_DIR)/peg.js
PARSER_SRC_FILE = $(SRC_DIR)/parser.pegjs
PARSER_OUT_FILE = $(LIB_DIR)/parser.js
PARSER_SRC_FILE = $(SRC_DIR)/parser.pegjs
PARSER_OUT_FILE = $(LIB_DIR)/parser.js
@ -45,20 +44,7 @@ all: browser
# Generate the grammar parser
# We need to prepend ESLint header to the generated parser file because we
# don't want the various unused variables there to get reported. This is a bit
# tricky because the file is used when generating its own new version, which
# means we can't start writing the header there until we call $(PEGJS).
echo '/* eslint-disable no-unused-vars */' >> $(PARSER_OUT_FILE)
echo >> $(PARSER_OUT_FILE)
# Build the browser version of the library
@ -101,7 +87,7 @@ benchmark:
# Run ESLint on the source
`find $(LIB_DIR) -name '*.js'` \
`find $(LIB_DIR) -name '*.js' -and -not -path '$(PARSER_OUT_FILE)'` \
`find $(SPEC_DIR) -name '*.js' -and -not -path '$(SPEC_DIR)/vendor/*'` \

@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
/* eslint-disable no-unused-vars */
// Generated by PEG.js 0.10.0.