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This file documents all notable changes to PEG.js. The releases follow [semantic
Released: August 19, 2016
### Major Changes
* **Parsers can be generated in multiple module formats.** The available
formats are: CommonJS (the default), AMD, UMD, globals, and bare (not
available from the command-line).
The format can be specified using the `format` option of the `peg.generate`
function or the `--format` option on the command-line.
It is also possible to specify parser dependencies using the `dependencies`
option of the `peg.generate` function or the `--dependency`/`-d` option on
the command-line. This is mainly useful for the UMD format, where the
dependencies are translated into both AMD dependencies and CommonJS
`require` calls.
* **Browser version of PEG.js is now in the UMD format.** This means it will try
to detect AMD or Node.js/CommonJS module loader and define itself as a
module. If no loader is found, it will export itself using a global
* **API polishing.** The `peg.buildParser` function was renamed to
`peg.generate`. The global variable the browser version of PEG.js is
available in when no loader is detected was renamed from `PEG` to `peg`.
* **CLI improvements.** There is new `--output`/`-o` command-line option which
allows to specify the output file. The old way of specifying the output file
using a second argument was removed. To make room for the new `-o` option
the old one (a shortcut for `--optimize`) was renamed to `-O`. All these
changes make PEG.js conform to traditional compiler command-line interface.
It is now also possible to use `-` as a file name on the command-line (with
the usual meaning of standard input/output).
* **Improved error messages.** Both messages produced by PEG.js and generated
parsers were improved.
* **Duplicate rule definitions are reported as errors.**
* **Duplicate labels are reported as errors.**
### Minor Changes
* Exposed the AST node visitor builder as `peg.compiler.visitor`. This is
useful mainly for plugins which manipulate the AST.
* Exposed the function which builds messages of exceptions produced by
generated parsers as `SyntaxError.buildMessage`. This is useful mainly for
customizing these error messages.
* The `error` and `expected` functions now accept an optional `location`
parameter. This allows to customize the location in which the resulting
syntax error is reported.
* Refactored expectations reported in the `expected` property of exceptions
produced by generated parsers. They are no longer de-duplicated and sorted,
their format changed to be more machine-readable, and they no longer contain
human-readable descriptions.
* The `found` property of exceptions produced by the `error` function is now
set to `null`.
* Removed access to the parser object in parser code via the `parser`
* Made handling of optional parameters consistent with ES 2015. Specifically,
passing `undefined` as a parameter value is now equivalent to not passing
the parameter at all.
* Renamed several compiler passes.
* Generated parsers no longer consider `\r`, `\u2028`, and `\u2029` as
newlines (only `\n` and `\r\n`).
* Simplified the arithmetics example grammar.
* Switched from `first`/`rest` to `head`/`tail` in PEG.js grammar and example
* Started using ESLint instead of JSHint and fixed various problems it found.
* Added [contribution
* Removed support for io.js.
### Bug Fixes
* Fixed `bin/pegjs` so that invoking it with one non-option argument which is
an extension-less file doesnt cause that file to be overwritten.
* Fixed label scoping so that labels in expressions like `(a:"a")` or `(a:"a"
b:"b" c:"c")` arent visible from the outside.
* Fixed escaping of generated JavaScript strings & regexps to also escape DEL
* Fixed the JSON example grammar to correctly handle characters with code
points above U+10FF in strings.
* Fixed multiple compatibility issues of `tools/impact` on OS X.
* Fixed slow deduplication of expectation descriptions.
[Complete set of changes](https://github.com/pegjs/pegjs/compare/v0.9.0...v0.10.0)