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  David Majda 400a3cfa3c Avoid aligning object keys 5 years ago
  David Majda 16f38f6380 Drop Node 0.10.x & 0.12.x support 5 years ago
  David Majda 8003edafc9 Rename the "node" module format to "commonjs" 5 years ago
  David Majda 8962dcfd16 Rename the "global" module format to "globals" 5 years ago
  David Majda 2a8544d86c README.md: Remove io.js from the list of compatible environments 5 years ago
  David Majda 75cd17ed58 bin/pegjs: Implement the --format option 5 years ago
  David Majda db9920e3ca peg.generate: Implement { format: "global" } 5 years ago
  David Majda 61c11ee1b4 peg.generate: Implement { format: "amd" } 5 years ago
  David Majda f633f697c9 peg.generate: Implement { format: "node" } 5 years ago
  David Majda e8be76ee3a Don't expose the "parser" variable in parser code 5 years ago
  David Majda c0e2bd218c README.md: Describe the --optimize command-line option 5 years ago