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Futago-za Ryuu 43a305eaef Clarify templates
- what to chose and do
- remove checkboxs
- all question in comments
- reformat style
7 years ago
Mingun a480c7d39c Excess points are deleted from the PR template (#551)
They already covered by `lint` and `test` checks [ci skip]
7 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu 95409f0155 Moved Github related documents 7 years ago
David Majda b10ddc4877 Move .github/CONTRIBUTING.md to CONTRIBUTING.md
No need to have a .github directory for just one file.
8 years ago
David Majda 3db71ebceb Remove .github/{ISSUE,PULL_REQUEST}_TEMPLATE
The files were not really templates but instructions. These instructions
are already spelled-out in CONTRIBUTING.md and repeating them feels a
bit redundant.

If it turns out people don't read CONTRIBUTING.md when submitting issues
and pull requests, I'll probably restore the templates (likely in some
shorter/simpler form).
8 years ago
Balázs Kutil 7f2358af1f Grammar fix in ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md and CONTRIBUTING.md 9 years ago
David Majda db1cc55512 Add a .github directory with contribution guidelines and templates 9 years ago