19 Commits (8bd4d390a9f43b730cd4403b4c767847e1e8cd4e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Futago-za Ryuu 3cedf4439d Update supported platforms
- Drop support for Node.js v4
- Add support for Node.js v10
- Drop support for IE < 11
6 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu b5d01f7505 Test only the latest versions of LTS releases 6 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu 94a5f24817 Use only Yarn 6 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu b3329e626e Integrate yarn 6 years ago
Mingun 3f8cf7cd58 Add coveralls.io support 7 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu 247a0bf707 Removed non-LTS versions of Node.js 7 years ago
Futago-za Ryuu bc5c8a0f97 Add support for testing with Node.js 8 7 years ago
David Majda e0511a55d5 .travis.yml: Test also with Node.js 7.0.x 8 years ago
David Majda 9d12b500df .travis.yml: Separate entries with empty lines 8 years ago
David Majda 9956b42392 Switch from Make to Gulp
The core of the transition is getting rid of Makefile and replacing it
with gulpfile.js. The rest is details (fixing dependencies, changing all
references to "make", etc.).

Target/task names mostly stay the same, so in most cases "gulp foo" does
what "make foo" did before. The only exceptions are "make browser" and
"make browserclean", which are now "gulp browser:build" and "gulp
browser:clean" (it feels more systematic).

Functionality is mostly unchanged (modulo Gulp clutter in the console),
but there are two small exceptions:

  gulp spec

    The reporter now displays just dots while previously it displayed
    spec descriptions. There is also a deprecation warning (most likely
    because I used an old version of gulp-jasmine in order to support
    Jasmine 1.x). I kept these issues unfixed because I plan to switch
    to Mocha soon (#409).

  gulp browser:build

    The copyright header is now added manually both to the development
    and minified build. Before, it was added only to the development
    build and the minified build relied on preserving it using "uglify
    --comments". This was broken since switching to //-style comments.

    There is now also an empty line between the header and the source

Fixes #444.
8 years ago
David Majda 16f38f6380 Drop Node 0.10.x & 0.12.x support
See #442.
8 years ago
David Majda 7089debae2 .travis.yml: Test also with Node.js 6.0.x 8 years ago
David Majda 6a3ede059d .travis.yml: Tweak Node.js versions
Do not test under io.js (which is no longer a thing), test under Node.js
4.0.x and 5.0.x.

Zero minor versions are intentional, I wan't to make sure that PEG.js
doesn't depend on any features added later in the 4.x and 5.x cycle.
9 years ago
Joseph Frazier 2483b950e6 travis: cache node_modules for faster builds
This reduces build times by around 10 seconds.

9 years ago
Joseph Frazier 8bd2e4965e travis: use containers for faster builds
9 years ago
Arlo Breault 16756d9010 Run CI on newer version of node / iojs 9 years ago
David Majda 4a3b9cbb8d Require Node.js >= 0.10.0
Travis CI builds with Node.js 0.8.x started to fail:


Rather than investigating what's wrong I decided to stop supporting Node
0.8.x. Node.js 0.10.x is here for over a year, which should be enough
time for everyone to upgrade in the fast-paced Node.js world.
10 years ago
David Majda 93d3c6a250 Update .travis.yml
Remove a directive to test in Node.js 0.6. Add a directive to test in
Node.js 0.10.

Should fix broken Travis CI builds:

11 years ago
David Majda 12398ada9a Implement Travis CI integration 12 years ago