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Futago-za Ryuu 123a20a83c Updated ignored and published files 6 years ago
David Majda ee1a0b5810 Add compiled examples to .gitignore
Based on patch by Pavel Lang (GH-96).
11 years ago
David Majda 51e126882b Assume development dependencies are installed locally
This is compatible with what "npm install" does and allows for isolated
development environment.
11 years ago
David Majda 0519d7e3ce Git repo npmization: Make the repo a npm package

  * Moving the source code from /src to /lib.
  * Adding an explicit file list to package.json
  * Updating the Makefile.
  * Updating the spec and benchmark suites and their READMEs.

Part of a fix for GH-32.
11 years ago
David Majda 69044e9d0b Add "dist" Jakefile task that prepares the distribution files 13 years ago
David Majda e59f3ba338 Split the source code into several files, introduce build system
The source code is now in the src directory. The library needs to be
built using "rake", which creates the lib/peg.js file by combining the
source files.
13 years ago
David Majda 85bd98d846 Replaced .hgignore with .gitignore. 14 years ago