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Futago-za Ryuu 0ed8c6f89a Rewrote command line tool
- Split into 3 files: "peg.js", "options.js" and "usage.txt"
- Rewrote arguments parser and helpers to be more precise
- Any arguments after "--" will be passed to "options['--']" now
- Added negation options: "--no-cache" and "--no-trace"
- Added "bare" to accepted module formats
- Added 2 aliases for "--extra-options-file": "-c" and "--config"
- Added short options: "-a", "-f" and "-p"
- Reformatted help text in "usage.txt"
- Updated documentation related to command line options and normal options
- Changed "bin" field in "package.json" from "bin/pegjs" to "bin/peg"
- Added documentation note about command line options that are repeated
- Updated gulpfile.js, replacing "bin/pegjs" with "bin/*.js"

See #429, which was what I intended to fix/solve, but instead pushed back and did this instead.
7 years ago
.eslintrc.json ESLint: Disable no-console in bin/.eslintrc.json, not bin/pegjs 8 years ago
options.js Rewrote command line tool 7 years ago
peg.js Rewrote command line tool 7 years ago
usage.txt Rewrote command line tool 7 years ago