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felix cb3c5f4473 Improve error message for unbalanced brace. (#534)
Currently, an open brace without a corresponding brace will emit this confusing error message:

> Expected "!", "$", "&", "(", "*", "+", ".", "/", "/*", "//", ";", "?", character class, code block, comment, end of line, identifier, literal, or whitespace but "{" found.

This change adds an error case to the grammar to make it clear what the problem is.
7 years ago
compiler Check allowedStartRules exist. (#532) 7 years ago
grammar-error.js Use only "//" comments 8 years ago
parser.js Improve error message for unbalanced brace. (#534) 7 years ago
peg.js Code style: Make all static "require" calls global 8 years ago