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PEG.js is currently maintained by Futago-za Ryuu (@futagozaryuu).

Since it's inception in 2010, PEG.js was maintained by David Majda (@dmajda), until May 2017.

::: warning The Bower package (which was maintained by Michel Krämer (@michelkraemer)) has been deprecated, and will no longer be updated. :::


You are welcome to contribute code using GitHub pull requests. Unless your contribution is really trivial you should get in touch with me first (preferably by creating a new issue on the issue tracker) - this can prevent wasted effort on both sides.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure you've checked out the Contribution Guidelines.

Ensure you have Node.js v6+ and Yarn installed.

  1. Create a fork of
  2. Clone your fork, and optionally create a new branch
  3. Run the command yarn install from the root of your clone
  4. Add and commit your changes
  5. Validate your changes:
    • Lint the JavaScript changes (command line only, run yarn lint)
    • Run tests to ensure nothing's broken: yarn test from the root of the repository
    • Run benchmarks to check performance: yarn benchmark
    • Check the impact of your commits: see separate documentation
  6. If validation fails: reverse your commit, fix the problem and then add/commit again
  7. Push the commits from your clone to the fork
  8. From your fork, start a new pull request

It's also a good idea to check out the package.json that defines various scripts.

To see the list of contributors check out the repository's contributors page.