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  1. # scriptless-svg
  2. A simple command-line tool for detecting SVG files that contain embedded scripts (eg. Javascript), which may be undesirable from a security perspective. Uses [detect-svg-scripts]( for scanning.
  3. If you want to integrate SVG scanning into a bigger application, you should use [detect-svg-scripts]( directly instead. This package __only__ contains a CLI tool for it.
  4. ## License, donations, and other boilerplate
  5. Licensed under either the [WTFPL]( or [CC0](, at your choice. In practice, that means it's more or less public domain, and you can do whatever you want with it. Giving credit is *not* required, but still very much appreciated! I'd love to [hear from you]( if this module was useful to you.
  6. Creating and maintaining open-source modules is a lot of work. A donation is also not required, but much appreciated! You can donate [here](
  7. ## Screenshot
  8. When running `scriptless-svg` on the [Web Platform Tests for SVG](
  9. ![Screenshot](
  10. ## Usage
  11. `scriptless-svg` takes any amount of paths and/or [globs]( as its arguments. If an argument doesn't exist as an exact path, it is assumed to be a glob (and will fail if not). You can include negated globs to exclude certain patterns.
  12. Additionally, you can pass the `--errors-only` flag to omit all files from the output that passed the check successfully. This is especially recommended for CI setups where you are only interested in the failures.
  13. The process will return exit code 1 if any scanned files failed the check (ie. contain scripts), or exit code 0 if all files passed.
  14. ## Examples
  15. Scan all `*.svg* files in the current directory and any subdirectories:
  16. ```sh
  17. scriptless-svg
  18. ```
  19. Scan all `*.svg* files in a given target directory and its subdirectories:
  20. ```sh
  21. scriptless-svg /path/to/directory
  22. ```
  23. Complex globs, with eg. exclusions (note that globs should be single-quoted to work correctly!):
  24. ```sh
  25. scriptless-svg svg/ '!svg/scriptable/**/*.scriptable.svg'
  26. ```
  27. Show only the files that failed the check (ie. contain scripts), not the ones that passed:
  28. ```sh
  29. scriptless-svg --errors-only svg/
  30. ```