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_locale; en_US.UTF-8,en_US
_datetime_short; %d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S
_datetime_long; %A %B %d, %Y %H:%M:%S
_date_short; %d/%m/%Y
_date_long; %A %B %d, %Y
_time; %H:%M:%S
event-now; now
event-future; in the future
event-past; in the past
event-1second-ago; 1 second ago
event-seconds-ago; %1$d seconds ago
event-1minutes-ago; 1 minute ago
event-minutes-ago; %1$d minutes ago
event-1hour-ago; 1 hour ago
event-hours-ago; %1$d hours ago
event-1day-ago; 1 day ago
event-days-ago; %1$d days ago
event-1week-ago; 1 week ago
event-weeks-ago; %1$d weeks ago
event-1month-ago; 1 month ago
event-months-ago; %1$d months ago
event-1year-ago; 1 year ago
event-years-ago; %1$d years ago