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  1. #infos
  2. auth-name : dominictarr
  3. tag : crypo, decentralized, humanity, post-democracy,
  4. advance costs : 0
  5. need room : n
  6. Location : squatconf
  7. Can host ppl : n/a
  8. # Viva La Crypto
  9. A gameplan for the crypto-revolution. The time has for a new internet.
  10. There is the technical questions of how do you build a viable system,
  11. but that is the easy bit. The hard question, is how do we deploy it
  12. to the world, how do we make something that people want to adopt...
  13. And what do we build? what kind of world *could* we create?
  14. To motivate ourselves, we need a utopian vision, but to achieve
  15. _anything_ we need to keep our eyes on the road, and most of all,
  16. build something simple. Dumb even.
  17. This could be science fiction, but instead of writing a book,
  18. we are just gonna build it.