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  1. #infos
  2. auth-name : Amir Taaki
  3. tag : freedom, privacy, decentralized
  4. advance costs :
  5. need room :
  6. Location : London, Barcelona, Paris, wherever
  7. Can host ppl :
  8. # Dark is here. Dark is freedom.
  9. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The early attempts at shutting down
  10. centralised file sharing services ended up spawning stronger technology. Like a
  11. hydra, those in the community that push for individual empowerment are in an
  12. arms race to equip the people with the tools needed for the next generation of
  13. global black markets.
  14. edgenet lives safely at the edge of the Internet, on our smart phones. It uses mobile WiFi hotspots to create "cells" for exchanging news and content. Cells talk to cells, asynchronously, covering neighborhoods, and cities. edgenet doesn't exist yet. This project is about building it.