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  1. #infos
  2. auth-name : Kali Kaneko
  3. tag : privacy, usability, email, vpn, federated system, crypto, mortals, superheros
  4. advance costs : NA
  5. need room : NA
  6. Location : La Paz, Bolivia (traveling around europes maintenant)
  7. Can host ppl : NA
  8. # LEAP Encryption Access Project: Encrypted Communications for Mere Mortals
  9. What if I told you that a regular user can get gpg-encrypted communications
  10. just following a wizard and click-click-click? What if I told you that
  11. her email can be backuped in the cloud, in a way that a server compromise could
  12. not reveal the private data? What about an Encrypted Proxy that's at the same
  13. reasonably secure and easy to use, configure and deloy?
  14. Well, you don't have to trust me. Just come and see it with your own eyes.
  15. At LEAP we are obsessed with making possible for any service provider to easily
  16. deploy secure services and for people to use these services without needing to
  17. learn new software or change their behavior. These services are based on open,
  18. federated standards, but done right: the provider does not have access to the
  19. user’s data, and we use open protocols in the most secure way possible.
  20. On the server side we have created the LEAP Platform, a “provider in a box” set
  21. of complementary packages and server recipes automated to lower the barriers of
  22. entry for aspiring secure service providers. On the client side, we have
  23. created a cross-platform application called Bitmask that automatically
  24. configures itself once a user has selected a provider and which services to
  25. enable. Bitmask provides a local proxy that a standard email client can connect
  26. to, and allows for easy one-click Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.