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7 years ago
# SquatConf Call For Papers Berlin 2016
7 years ago
Welcome to SquatConf CFP repository. you can also mail your submition to [][1] please copy this [model][2]and mail it.
## Submit a talk
7 years ago
- fOrk this repo
- `cp proposed/`
- Edit your talk
- Submit a pull request
or use the email submition (see paragraph above)
## Disclaimer
All talks are welcome, but we are _not_ here to promote "how we X helped
the company Y to become the biggest in Z". We are here to have some good
7 years ago
conversations, with an emphasis on those that free
our minds.
When proposing a talk, please let us know if you can afford the price of your
trip. This is not mandatory, nor is it a no-go for a talk, but due to the
format of the conference, we might end up not being able to refund your trip.
7 years ago
We are NOT looking for is company sponsored trips, unless they expect
nothing in return (not even being mentioned on stage), besides getting to
send you to an interesting place with interesting people.
7 years ago
You will most likely be hosted by some Berliner or in a squat, meet loads of
cool people
SquatConf is an experience, it is up to you to try it.
7 years ago