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## What is SquatConf? It started in Paris Nov 2014 ...
Squatconf happened in November 2014 in Paris in a squat, hence the name.
It wasn't your typical IT conference because it was mostly Just-in-Time-organized
by all the people who attend. There were no advertisements from Silicon
Valley companies (or any others) and several people felt free to give somewhat
radical talks on technologies and society, even openly associate with
anarchism. There also were a fair share of advanced tech talks on web
Crypto, decentralized tech demos, internet of things, automatic garden
planting systems and what not. And we had many personal conversations
among each other which continue to this day.
## ... and now we go to Berlin end april 2016!
We want to make another Squatconf happening happen around
end April 2016 in Berlin. Timing wise it's next to "re:publica" so that
researchers and others who are going to this business conference can also
drop by at squatconf to participate in a more independent event.
Berlin has gotten quite trendy, more expensive and squatting
is much less happening than it used to. But there still is lots of life
and lazyness which hasn't been fully occupied by world-wide-capitalism
## Money and time
Whatever we need money wise we'll pay for it by asking
for donations by all who come. We'd like to keep it a somewhat small
no-entrance-fee conference, collectively organized by those who attend,
with a personal atmosphere. Besides listening to good talks you can
also have interesting conversations while preparing food for all in the
kitchen. We'd like nobody to get overly stressed which can happen all
too easily if single individuals feel responsible for collective
outcomes. The most important commitment when coming to Squatconf is our
time and dedication to create a space where things happen and people
feel free to talk. Btw, any kind of racist or sexist behaviour
will receive fierce opposition.
## I want to help / I need help
If you can help with organizing stuff in Berlin please come a few days earlier
as some of us do. Drop by at #squatconf on freenode and/or subscribe to the
[mailing list](
If you need travel funding or a place to sleep please ask on the channel.
If you bring a sleeping bag something should be possible but it's good
if you tell before so that we have an idea on how many people need accomodation.
## I want to give a talk!
Please see [our talks repository]( to propose a talk.