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# Berlin, 29-30 april 2016
Intentions behind first squatconf was to organise a tech conference in a squat, for a bunch of ideological and practical ideas, why would we want to pay expensive venue when we can organise this in a squat, that would make a good event for the squat and help the place running, this is almost what hapend, but it did not ended as a more than a 'tech' conference ...
(@Olizilla)[] wrote something that sum up what happened pretty well here
We still don't really know what will be this second edition , but this is one of the interesting point in the concept, all proposed talk will be here and you will see what kind of ppl will want to come and what they will propose. It is then up to you to participate or not, attend or not.
SquatConf won't be your everyday conference, but you'll have good talks from amazing people and cool workshops, on donation, open to everybody with no restrictions
We will provide a space, we will provide a context, some talks, and the rest will be up to you…
## How is this possible?
Conference costs are huge, and ticket prices are often nowhere near the true per-attendee cost, even for a non-profit conference.
Fancy venues, transportation, hotels and food are really nice perks to have, but…
If you hold a conference in a squat… the speakers advance their travel expenses…
you can have a almost zero cost conference made with love, a little rougher around the edges and it allow you to remove sponsors from the equation.
Where and when?
Berlin, 29-30 april 2016
14/11/15 : Le hangard56
Tickets will be donation-based, venue will be disclosed later, for more infos subscribe to the mailing list
I want to speak / do a workshop / danse
everybody here is welcome, we won't promise that every proposal will be accepted, but they will all be displayed here and in a git repository,
and the curration process will happend.