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Jérôme Loï 10ae988d70 favicon 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï 534b9b66ae removed ascii paris 8 years ago
joates d2bb045875 v0.4.3-rc2: removed http://localhost (for production deployment) 8 years ago
joates 3fd96bf5c5 added email verified confirmation page 8 years ago
ralphtheninja d7270fc193 add #stackvm info 8 years ago
joates f620653e86 added status messages to the email submission form 8 years ago
joates 80be8a9a09 added SMTP transport module 8 years ago
joates 6b27d611fa this alert looks goofy !! 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï eb8f9864df css classe fix 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï 8bb84d46b0 fix merdia queries issue, reworked markup, added mq reactive ascii thingies 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï 0d8d005f37 updated markup 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï edd54c4e1b remove old build system 8 years ago
joates 82b5332a6f added browserify workflow for my client-side js 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï d07bbae78e paris in ascii :) 8 years ago
joates 453bbfa09b only displaying email if it contains something 8 years ago
joates 496eaa2f04 added a fake favicon.ico 8 years ago
joates 6ea9f65a0b added basic http server & form input handler (can pipe server stdout into a logfile or we can add a database) 8 years ago
joates 71f259c429 added markup for donation button (hidden by CSS rule) 8 years ago
joates f9cf570268 added box around form [needs more work] 8 years ago
joates 72e667143e added markup for signup form 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï 1691c59fb0 first draft 8 years ago
Jérôme Loï 658b1e07f6 the first stone 8 years ago