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Lars-Magnus Skog 2d2fc4f0cb link to main Talks page and not pull requests 6 years ago
gorhgorh 496c1e6161 useless comment !!! (check caddy rebuild) 6 years ago
gorhgorh cef5714eeb update ws 6 years ago
gorhgorh 0482f998b9 added test logo 6 years ago
dignifiedquire 46018912b2 Some minor language improvements 6 years ago
gorhgorh a4943d4fbe update index.md 6 years ago
gorhgorh 9c2a051da2 update text, removed twitter link, udated ascii 6 years ago
gorhgorh f92a768b74 updated index page 6 years ago
gorhgorh 76498b2cc6 update texts and added cfp to the template 6 years ago
gorhgorh 15a0aba154 update text 6 years ago
dignifiedquire b310003aa4 Add basic markdown rendering 6 years ago
joates b9b9701a05 src/* deprecated 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï f38f3baf92 more cleaning 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 8f08a51bff cleanup 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 125a41fd07 added newsletter system 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 2e21d2ec31 switch to mailgun for mails, READ THE README, breaking changes (backup config.js) 7 years ago
joates 65aaf90450 fixed syntax error 7 years ago
joates b85c284b87 handle duplicate email submissions (by silently dropping them) 7 years ago
joates baeab714db ignore email signups that already exist and are verified, fixes #9 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï b00dded479 svg logo 7 years ago
joates eed1027bb6 v0.4.4-rc2: changed config.host (for deploying to test.squatconf.eu) 7 years ago
joates e188723c9a v0.4.2-rc2 (improved middleware error handling) 7 years ago
joates 4dbc0706f2 v0.4.1-rc2 [don't use join() in ecstatic.opts] 7 years ago
joates 756cf4ab72 implement the 2-stage email verification process 7 years ago
joates 5f52ab39bf added db storage (match email addresses to tokens) 7 years ago
joates d7a4038288 separate email client-side validation code 7 years ago
joates 18686d5023 added Sending... progress indicator (to email submission) 7 years ago
joates f620653e86 added status messages to the email submission form 7 years ago
joates b2696fe0eb added a random token generator [mailer needs more work] 7 years ago
joates 633cf0b69a button click event required an extra logic gate 7 years ago
joates 6b27d611fa this alert looks goofy !! 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï edd54c4e1b remove old build system 7 years ago
joates 82b5332a6f added browserify workflow for my client-side js 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 1691c59fb0 first draft 7 years ago