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# SquatConf 101
hey hey this already squatconf -2 days !!!
So here are some information to make your day better.
fist of all THERE ARE NO TICKETS. so be there on time and you'll have some good spot, be late and we'll try to squeeze you in somewhere.
## tl;dr
Squatconf 15th nov
from 10:00 to 18:00 - then party after til late
## Address
hangar 56
56 avenue parmentier, 75011 paris
Metro : parmentier
closest tube station is "Parmentier" on the 3 line.
# schedule
There is no schedule.
Formats of the talks will vary and you'll have plenty of time to meet and speak with the speaker in between.
The After party is something we did not expect at all, since it was already scheduled before the hangar opened us our door, in the end it kind of fits the thing.
It will be a movie projection of an old french z-movie (made by Jean Rollin himself !!!) with some live band concert, some info (in french tho) [here]( (there are links to the bands's websites)
# Facilities (may be limited)
There will be a shortage of seats. Feel free to bring something to sit on.
BYO internet, or have a day offline.
The Squat has a bar with coffee/tea, soft drinks, beer.
They have kindly allowed us to use the space for free,
so thank them by buying all their drinks as fast as possible.
The bar takes cash only.
We will cook a big curry pot for lunch. If this is not your thing there are plenty of restaurants (etc) nearby.
# Reminder
Hangar 56 is a _home_ so common courtesy applies here, please use your brains.
- Private areas ARE private (ground floor only)
- _Ask before you take a picture_, delete if asked to.
- Do not film talks
- Be polite
This event is made by people from all over the world, with no budget.
Speaker are paying their trip on their own, thus, this event will be on donation.
We can't thank enough our speaker for their commitment but we would be happy that you think about it when coming.