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<h2 id="what-is-squatconf-">What is SquatConf?</h2>
<p>Some of us are lucky enough to attend marvelous conventions, made with love by amazing people. Great events with top-notch speakers, incredible venues, and amazing parties.</p>
<p>These conferences are run with huge contributions from volunteers, and financial support from sponsors, providing top-notch events at affordable prices.</p>
<p>But even then, they're not affordable for everyone.</p>
<p>We're building an alternative model: SquatConf.</p>
<p>SquatConf won't be your everyday conference, but we'll have good talks from amazing people. It'll be donation-based, and you'll get to contribute if you want to.</p>
<h2 id="how-is-this-possible-">How is this possible?</h2>
<p>Conference costs are huge, and ticket prices are often <a href="">nowhere near the true per-attendee cost</a>, even for a non-profit conference.</p>
<p>Fancy venues, transportation, hotels and food are really nice perks to have, but…</p>
<p>If you hold a conference in a squat…
the speakers advance their travel expenses…
tell people to bring some food…
and the wifi will be dodgy for sure…</p>
<p>You'll have a zero-cost conference made with love, but a little rougher around the edges.</p>
<h2 id="where-and-when-">Where and when?</h2>
<p>November 15th 2014. A squat in Paris. For obvious reasons, we can't yet disclose where.</p>
<h2 id="the-plan">The Plan</h2>
<p>We are a bunch of crazy programmers that believe in anarchy and decentralised systems, conferences included.</p>
<p>We will provide a space, we will provide a context, some talks, and the rest will be up to you…</p>
<h2 id="who-is-behind-this-">Who is behind this?</h2>
<p>The inception of SquatConf was at <a href="">LXJS</a>. It was a great conference, and the organisation did an amazing job, and after the final day of the event we ended up with <a href="">dominictarr</a>, <a href="">joates</a> and <a href="">I</a> talking about autonomous self-driving boats when this idea came to life. Now the idea matured and some folks (<a href="">mmalecki</a>, <a href="">nathan7</a>, <a href="">no9</a>, <a href="">substack</a>, ...) are in the loop now.</p>
<h2 id="okay-so-you-re-a-bunch-of-idealists-running-a-10-people-conference-in-a-dump-">Okay, so you're a bunch of idealists, running a 10-people conference in a dump.</h2>
<p>What you'll get out of SquatConf is in the end exactly what you put into SquatConf.</p>
<li>Tickets will be donation-based. You want a cheap conference? Give us nothing. You want food? Contribute.</li>
<li>This won't be a 400-people event, but do you <em>need</em> that many people?</li>
<li>We already have speakers lined up you're probably prepared to pay for :)</li>
<li>You have ideas for improvements? Suggestions are always welcome.</li>
<li>We plan to make SquatConf zero-sum. We'll split any profits with attendees — ROI on a conference!</li>
<h2 id="i-want-to-give-a-talk-">I want to give a talk!</h2>
<p>Please see <a href="">our talks repository</a> to propose a talk.</p>
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<div class="attribution">logo image by <a href="">substack</a></div>
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