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0001 tl;dr
Go to Paris on the 15th November 2014, but where in Paris ?
we will contact you before the event starts with further instructions
0010 the concept
Low budget, open & unfiltered gathering, like a flashmob of tech disruptors
0011 what you *can* expect
10 am start
10 presentations (in English, probably)
A variety of topics:
* robotics, hardware
* cryptography, encryption
* security, anonymity
* distributed systems
* politics, javascript
* fruit, vegetables
* white & #ccc & dark
Insights into present & future tech delivered by pioneering non-conformists
Evening celebration
Overflow day, post celebration recovery, spontaneous collaboration, chillin
0100 potential unknowns
We are unsure that the venue will be sufficiently heated..
- it's November, dress accordingly
There may not be power outlets (for everyone), nor reliable wifi
- bring fully charged battery, tether to a mobile device if you can
Donations accepted onsite:
First and foremost we are a *community* and as such we have an opportunity to
join together and do our best effort to provide some food and soft drinks for
ourselves, also please bring some euros for any sundry items that you may need
(there could be extra food and drinks available for purchase at the venue)
We have a limited capacity at the venue, we are expecting it to be full, this
means that despite our desire to treat all attendees equally and fairly, those
that have already contacted us will be given precedence, in the situation where
we are over capacity, we must reserve the right to deny entry to unexpected
arrivals, therefore if you know people who want to attend but have not yet
signed up via the website, please contact them and encourage them to do so,
then we can plan accordingly, we do not want to cause unnecessary discomfort
to everyone just to squeeze in an extra 10-15 people that we aren't expecting.
0x0f end