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let stFieldMapping = {
XJE010: "partNumber",
XJE014: "description",
STP716: "marketingStatus",
XJE017: "package",
STP1187: "grade",
STP034: "channelCount",
STP273: "channelCount",
XJE219: "operatingTemperature",
STP00930: "supplyCurrentPerChannel",
XJE417: "supplyVoltage",
XJG099: "inputOffsetVoltage",
XJG102: "inputBiasCurrent",
XJG110: "gainBandwidthProduct",
XJG108: "slewRate",
XJF556: "outputCurrent",
STP1041: "railToRailInput",
STP1042: "railToRailOutput",
XJG111: "inputEquivalentNoiseVoltage",
STP0878: "unitPriceUSD",
XJH198: "recommendedOutputCurrent",
STP915: "adjustableCurrentLimit",
XJG640: "rdsOn",
STP914: "enablePinActiveLevel",
RNP218: "esdHBMMinimum",
XJE418: "supplyCurrent"
FIXME: Add a 'no assignment in conditional' rule to eslint config