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# @validatem/is-string
Documentation for this module has not been written yet. By the time it reaches 1.0.0, it will have full documentation.
*This validator is designed to be used with [Validatem](, the universal and composable validation library.*
In the meantime, check out the `example.js` file in the repository for a usage demonstration.
Validates that a given input is a string.
Note that it __does not__ validate that the string is non-empty (ie. has a length above 0); for that, you should use [@validatem/is-non-empty-string]( instead.
## License, donations, and other boilerplate
Licensed under either the [WTFPL]( or [CC0](, at your choice. In practice, that means it's more or less public domain, and you can do whatever you want with it. Giving credit is *not* required, but still very much appreciated! I'd love to [hear from you]( if this module was useful to you.
Creating and maintaining open-source modules is a lot of work. A donation is also not required, but much appreciated! You can donate [here](
## Example
A runnable version of this example is included in the repository, as `example.js`.
"use strict";
const { validateValue } = require("@validatem/core");
const isString = require("@validatem/is-string");
console.log(validateValue("hello world", [ isString ])); // hello world
console.log(validateValue(42, [ isString ])); /*
AggregrateValidationError: One or more validation errors occurred:
- At (root): Must be a string
## API
__If you are new to Validatem,__ please read the documentation on the [Validatem website]( first - it will explain how the general API works, and how you should use validator modules with it.
### isString
Not callable. Validates that the input is a string. When validation passes, it returns the original string as-is.
Possible error codes:
- The input was not a string.
## Changelog
### 1.0.0 (August 8, 2020)
Initial release.