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# Infos
auth-name : olga from the wolga
tag : rhizom cybernetic decentralization
need travel fee : N
need room : N
Location : DE
# on distributed unicorns and decentralization myths
Since i started programming some hundred years ago i've had this
dream of building a totally distributed unicorn with no single points of
power and control. After encountering many feminists, philosophers, hackers,
anthropologists and sociologists my perspectives on what i was dreaming about
have changed, are still changing dramatically. Are the current decentralizing
technologies and projects like Bitcoin, IPFS, SSB-Patchwork, ZeroTier or
CJDNS just wonderful unicorns? Which ways do crypto-fascisms loom and
which human agencies? How is this whole programming business entangled with
bureaucratic, cybernetic state thinking in that it tries to appropriate,
steer human living for control and profit?