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auth-name : Hemanth.HM

tag : WebComponents, Ploymer, X-tags.

advance costs : TBD

need room : Y

Location : TBD

Can host ppl : N/A

Can host ppl : N/A


What do I get from attending this talk?

Hmm...This is not a tutorial on web components, rather a study on real use cases which will enable you pick the ingredient for the right dish!

[ "What and Why web components?", "Use cases with comprative analysis.", "How to get started with Polymer and X-Tags?"].fill("FTW!");

Audiances will walk away with:

Enlightment on Templates, Decorators, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM and Imports.
Self contained on when to choose what?
Some uber cool deoms and use cases indeed!


Zeal to embrace the change!