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A simple tool for spawning a nix-shell with certain packages in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Useful for experimenting with runtime-loaded dependencies.


WTFPL or CC0, whichever you prefer. A donation and/or attribution are appreciated, but not required.


Maintaining open-source projects takes a lot of time, and the more donations I receive, the more time I can dedicate to open-source. If this module is useful to you, consider making a donation!

You can donate using Bitcoin, PayPal, Flattr, cash-in-mail, SEPA transfers, and pretty much anything else. Thank you!


npm install -g nix-devshell


$ devshell xorg.libX11 xorg.libXcursor xorg.libXxf86vm xorg.libxcb xorg.libXi
Spawning shell with packages [xorg.libX11, xorg.libXcursor, xorg.libXxf86vm, xorg.libxcb, xorg.libXi] in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH...

The new entries are prepended to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the environment from which you ran devshell, so it won't break things like OpenGL. You can use the resulting shell in the exact same way as you'd use nix-shell; simply exit it to return to your 'real' shell.