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A modular framework for building authoring tools.

Originally developed for Adivix, but usable for any kind of (2D) authoring tool project.


Here. No performance optimizations carried out yet, and very rough around the edges still, so Chrome is probably a better choice.

Current state

Not production-ready. Still under development. The plugins will eventually be put into their own repository.


  • Core (stage, scenes, objects - not actually a plugin)
  • Layers
  • Object type - text
  • Object type - image

UI plugins

  • Scene panel
  • Layer panel
  • Object panel
  • Properties panel
  • HTML renderer


  • dom-wait; queues a function call for when the DOM has loaded, where necessary.
  • apply-property-map; utility for mapping values to DOM element properties.
  • split-filter; like .filter, but returns both a matching and non-matching array.
  • distance-from; calculates direct distance between two points, used for the drag threshold in the HTML renderer.