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A small wrapper around jsonwebtoken that adds promisified methods, as a regular promisifyAll is not going to work due to its strange callback format. This is a temporary fix - the next major release of jsonwebtoken should resolve the issue.

Synchronous errors are turned into rejected Promises, so that solves that issue as well. Keep in mind that in most modes of operation, jsonwebtoken operates synchronously to begin with - this module exists primarily to make its behaviour consistent.

Important: This module will mutate the instance of jsonwebtoken that it uses, as is necessary for promisification - however, it does not modify any existing methods, it only adds two methtods. As long as you do not attempt to separately promisify the jsonwebtoken module directly, this should not pose a problem.


WTFPL or CC0, whichever you prefer. A donation and/or attribution are appreciated, but not required.


My income consists largely of donations for my projects. If this module is useful to you, consider making a donation!

You can donate using Bitcoin, PayPal, Flattr, cash-in-mail, SEPA transfers, and pretty much anything else.


Pull requests welcome. Please make sure your modifications are in line with the overall code style, and ensure that you're editing the files in src/, not those in lib/.

Build tool of choice is gulp; simply run gulp while developing, and it will watch for changes.

Be aware that by making a pull request, you agree to release your modifications under the licenses stated above.


var Promise = require("bluebird");
var jwt = require("jsonwebtoken-promisified");

Promise.try(function() {
	return jwt.signAsync({foo: "bar"}, "secretKey");
}).then(function(token) {
	console.log("Signed token:", token);


jwt.signAsync(payload, secretOrPrivateKey, [options])

Like jwt.sign, but returns a Promise. Documentation here.

jwt.verifyAsync(payload, secretOrPublicKey, options)

Like jwt.verify, but returns a Promise. Documentation here.






Like their jsonwebtoken counterparts.