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A PostCSS plugin for finding import statements in CSS that follows the ICSS specification, but not removing them from the AST, eg. for implementing dependency discovery.

This code was adapted from css-loader and modified to work as a stand-alone plugin.

This documentation is rudimentary and will probably be improved at some point. Feel free to open an issue if something is unclear!


This module is derived from: css-loader (
	(c) JS Foundation and other contributors

Modifications by:
	(c) 2019, Sven Slootweg <>

Licensed under:
	MIT (


Exports a plugin that is compatible with PostCSS 8.

Takes no options upon initialization.

When applied, it will find import statements in the code, exposing them as the following types of messages (from plugin postcss-icss-parser):

  • import: an import statement.
    • url: The path/URL being imported from.

The import statements are not removed from the AST.